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Pokemon Gengar Hoodie / Tank

Gengar is one of the strongest ghost-type Pokemon in the Pokedex. Keep it in your party at all times. Available as a hoodie, tank, or tee, to keep a Pokemon Master comfortable in any weather. Sold on Etsy.

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Brand: Punyus
Official S/S 2014 Collection Catalogue 

Check out more pictures from the catalogue at the sourced link! Their online webshop will be up soon. They recently opened shop in Shibuya 109, so if you’re in the area be sure to check them out.

Official site link:

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Yeah so I made a thing. Idk I was just bored and wanted to add some variety to the people I draw so I tried to make these with characteristics I dont see as much in what I draw.

Ok so  was thinking about girls for most of the time I made these but they’re pretty versatile so I guess you could do  whatever I don’t really care.

And if you use this to draw something you post tag me in it with #queenofawkward27 cuz I’m curious to see the results

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Mori “Forest” Girl Gallery pt.2 - Enjoy ❁

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interior Claus Bonderup’s Vacation House - Jutland


interior Claus Bonderup’s Vacation House - Jutland

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